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The Toughest Chainsaws on the Market Today

Tempest Technology

Vent Master CutOff Saws are the most powerful and dependable rescue cutoff saws in the business! Choose from 3 Different Husqvarna Power heads for any application.


  • Diamond Cutoff Saw Blade

  • KIS-360 Depth Guage

  • Wet Kit for Concrete Cuts

  • D-Ring Starter Handle

Vent Master Fire Rescue Chain Saws are the TOUGHEST chain saws on the market today!

Powered by a Husqvarna Pro 576XT Power head for maximum cutting power.


  • One Step Start/Stop

  • Raptor Carbide Chain

  • Tool-less KIS-40 Depth Guage

  • "Smart Start" Decompression Valve

  • Large Glove Grip Starter Handle

Tempest Technology has been known for providing the finest power blowers on the market. Tempest Power Blowers are available in many different sizes, drives and motors to fit any application.


  • Gas (Honda or Briggs & Stratton) and Electric

  • Turbo 2000 Shroud

    • Increases air velocity up to 30%

  • Safety Grill

  • Off-Road Tires- No Brakes to Lock

  • Foot Operated Tilt Adjustment

  • Fold-Up/Fold-Down Handle

  • Strong, Light-Weight Frame

Get the convenience of an electric fan with performance of a gas with the VSR powered by a 2.0 HP electric motor. The best way to go electric without sacrificing air flow!


  • GFCI/NEMA 4 Variable Speed Drive

  • Turbo 2000 Shroud

  • Dual "Winning Step"

  • Flip-up/Fold-Down Handle

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