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F-500 Encapsulating Agent

& Pinnacle Firefighting Foam

The Solution to most of todays firefighting problems.
F-500 Encapsulating Agent

F-500 Encapsulator Agent is the answer to many of todays firefighting challenges. F-500 has the ability to absorb 6-10 times more heat energy than plain water. When applied correctly, fuel will be rendered nonflammable.  More versitle than foam, F-500 does not have to maintain a blanket to extinguish the fire.

AWG F-500 TKO Nozzle

The F-500 Total Knockdown and Overhaul Nozzle provides a quick deployment when utilizing the Encapsulating technology of F-500 Encapsulator agent. The nozzle is easily adjusted from a stream to fog pattern and an adjustment knob to quickly switch the proportion rate.

F-500 Encapsulating Agent is the answer to most of todays fire fighting problems. By absorbing 6-10 times more heat energy than water, F-500 EA has the remarkable ability to absorb heat from fire and structures. Secondly, by forming micelles or "chemical cocoons" , F-500 renders fuels nonflammable and nonignitable.

F-500 EA

Fire Extinguishers

The F-500 EA Fire Extinguisher brings the knockdown power and cooling rate of F-500 EA.  By using the 2.5 gal extinguisher at a 3% solution, the F-500 EA Fire Extinguisher can contain a small Class A or Class B fire and prevent a much larger problem.

Pinnacle Firefighting Foam

Pinnacle Foams are high quality agents offered at an economical price. Available in three formulations to cover a broad spectrum of firefigting applications. Designed to provide maximum penetration with a thick durable coat. All Pinnacle foams are suitable for use in Type III nozzles, monitors, foam tubes, CAFS and fixed suppression systems, including HCT’s CCS Systems and can be used with fresh, brackish or salt water.


Available in:


  • Pinnacle Class A Foam

  • Pinnacle 3% AFFF

  • Pinnacle 3x3 AR-AFFF

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